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Peggy Hearonemus, Director

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan into a very close family. My post secondary education includes a Baccalaureate of Nursing and a Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing. My nursing career was in Saskatoon, Prince Rupert and Penticton, B.C. then to Calgary Foothills Hospital and settling in Stettler. I was fortunate to have a variety of positions throughout my nursing career, Acute Care, Emergency, Intensive Care/ Trauma/ Coronary Care and the Operating Room. From frontline nursing, I moved into Occupational Health Nursing with the Health Zones. I was Site Leader at the Stettler Hospital for 12 years and then ended by healthcare career as a Clinical Safety Patient Specialist with Central Zone Health Authority.

I married my husband Wayne after he lured me to Stettler. We have one daughter, Leah, who resides and works in Red Deer. Currently we live in the country on Wayne’s family homestead, where we built a house. My passions are spending time with family and friends, walking, curling, golfing, pickleball, yoga, travelling. My husband and I have and continue to travel the globe.

Both my parents passed away outside of a clinical setting. My Father suddenly, but my Mother was fortunate to be able to spend her last days at home. Diagnosed with cancer, Mother knew her days were numbered. Still living in Saskatchewan, she prepared for her final days, meeting with her lawyer and banker in her home. My sisters and I rotated spending time with Mom the month prior to her passing to help with mobility, personal care, just being with her and gaining some history and memories that we may have not known or we lamented about.

It was such a great time to spend with her. Mom asked us not to take her to the hospital so we requested a hospital bed to put in her bedroom and with Home Care’s support, we managed Mom in her home, until her passing. Mom only slept in that bed once before passing away, with her three daughters sitting around her bed. We chatted about anything and everything and although Mom wasn’t cognitive for the last 12 hours, we hoped she was still hearing her 3 daughters chatter, joke and carry on like she was used to.

Hospice wasn’t an option for my Mom but we were able to manage her at home because of our healthcare background. It’s for this reason, I wholly support the Stettler Hospice Association and am pleased I’ve been accepted to be on the board. This is truly huge addition to our community and will benefit all who access it.


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